Versuri Cryptic Wintermoon - W.A.R. (Without Any Regret)

Album: Cryptic Wintermoon - Of Shadows... And Dark Things You Fear

Atmospheric electric the hurricane is near
We carry on our soil to get you all my dear
Heading straight on forward but never out of sight
An egotrip rebellion heavy armed delight

Hallowed or just hollow imprisoned be the will
Maximize the coin machine mass media overkill
Generation zero sing for the deaf
Ubiquitous mindlock always looking for the thrill

Feeding oil to the flames the quest has just begun
Faster, harder, more and more implicit faith will make you stun
Our trademark, Mr,Misbehaviour we don't care whats right or wrong
Lack of common sense now sanity is gone
Sanity is gone sowing the wind to harvest the storm
Without any regrets without any respect
More firepower on all fronts

We take on everyone we reconcile with everyone
Sowing the wind to harvest the storm more firepower on all fronts
Manmade mirage turning the words
Pull down the trigger without any regrets

It's feeding time for the beasts of prey
Serving them their favourite meal
Reload your weapon systems onwards without signs of fatigue
In need of mental values we're here to gain control
Heading straight on forwards we erase your thoughts
With methods oh so dirty when all sex is sold
When all the sex is sold

Feeding oil to the flames the quest is on the run
Without any regrets without any respect this what we have to do
Come on, follow us we know we are right without any regrets we entertain tonight

We entertain tonight