Versuri Crystalic - Faith Redefined

Album: Crystalic - Watch Us Deteriorate

When things seem to fall apart
You're frozen for a moment
Scattered soulless being
Finding a reason for this darkness in your life
For this empty feeling in your soul
Temptation has it's price
Bleeding heart can't carry on with pride

Between two spaces you switch your place
Confusing world of chaos reigns
What you once believed in does not exist...
...Where pain is real, you must persist

Acceptable retirement from the void
The burning passion was only a decoy

You swam in the endless sea of disbelief
But eventually your faith was restored
Piece by piece in tiny fragments of hope
Into the breeding ground of fertile growth
So lock the door to this dark room
Throw away the key of mental doom

When things seem to fall apart
You'll keep it all together
Before the altar of virtue
You will liberate the passion once more
You will conquer a brand new world
It's just a state of mind
One of a kind and it's burning tonight

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