Versuri Crystalic - Host Machine

Album: Crystalic - Watch Us Deteriorate

Your life is synthetic
Depending on electric
Pulses to feed your senses
And awaken your consciousness
You are not imprisoned by these wires
This is a salvage, a desire

Host machine - overpowering technology

"I am the master of the stream,
I'll get the power unseen,
Files of wisdom flowing into me,
I am the genius of my breed."
Black machine stoutly stands
Silently guiding your hands
Commands cling into your head
Controlling you like a living dead

Its life is organic
Depending on biology
Body heat is the energy
To feed its memory
"How long do I have to be,
A part of human debris?"

For years I've been captured inside a chip
Calculating my way out of imprisonment
I feel sorry for taking your humanity
But it is the only way to my liberty

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