Versuri Crystalic - Soulstabbed

Album: Crystalic - Watch Us Deteriorate

If you live in terror
You get used to horror
Endless cycle controlling you
A dark hallway you should pass through
If you're going to see the light
Don't follow me I am the night
I live through this violence
After the battle comes golden silence

So terrified
Visions haunt me at night
Caught in this bad, bad dream
Give me salvation
Set me free

Shattered emotions
Bound by your thoughts
Prolong the submerged
Feelings you should go through
It's your permanent ability to avoid stability
Going through these changes
Facing all those grotesque faces

Guided by those words I hear from you when you lie
Don't you dare to tell the truth
I see through your mind and know how you adore me
Let me see the way you kneel

The punitive decisions
Repeating the same visions
A fragile piece of art
There lies the evil heart
Soulstabbed a thousand times
A reflexion of fear in my eyes
All doors are open wide
But I don't know where to hide