Versuri Cypress Hill - Memories

As I sit in my silver stack thinking about way back
Even before I started blazing the chronic sack
I was a go wild unfocused troublesome kid
Looking up to all the gangsters and the s**t they did
I was at unimpressionable age through a faze
An unmentionable stage deranged full of rage
Walking through life in a haze with dark clouds
Hanging over my head being wicked and loud
And sometimes those demons haunt me and taunt me
Follow me pursue me confuse me they want me
They come at me from all angles and dangles
Memories in front of me, but I wont run away
I put the gun away but sometimes my hand ditches
But I don't want to get locked away cause I whack b*****s
I left those ways back in the old days
So go away I don't got no time to throw away

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