Versuri DAGOBA - The World In Between

Album: DAGOBA - Face The Colossus 2008

Sun falls down on us
But all lights won't fade away
Colder than your last words
The air's just freezing my face

Needless to say
There's no dead-end through this
Across the road with my shadow to
Needless to say...
There's no angel to keep us alive, to keep
Us alive...
There's no demons to fire it up
All the beauty must die...

There's no reasons or lies
No drugs strong enough or time
No mistakes or kissing goodbye
Just you and me and...

The world in between
The oceans the sky and the seas
The world in between
So far away I could not see...

I've been high and I've been low
I've been everywhere I looked around
To reach the place where you could be
And find the kingdom I could not build

Somebody said
I'll find another escape
Another land, another queen, another
Chance to give
Somebody said...
There's no weapon you needed to kill
But you got the skill
There is an angel I lost but she cries
All the beauty must die...

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