Versuri DAM - Gangrene. Purulence. Impact

Album: DAM - The Difference Engine

Fire - Combustion: a process, a weapon, and a tool
Hate - the angst that brings my blood to boil
The refuge and agony of fools

Termination of lucidity
Poisoning everything

Turning to the sign of the cross
Frightened delusion of sanctity
Burning the sign of the cross
Heightened illusion of superiority

In you - soon entomb

Betrayal of traits that unify
Betrayal of giving in
For god to even your scores
To a sadistic suffering
Icon of flesh

What if your crime
Polluting innocent minds
Reached another low?
Are you too idle or too thick to deal
With the complexities of what is real?

Ill? Insane?
Vomiting memes:
Gangrene of the mind

Screaming for a beyond
So desolate within
Petrified to the core

Staring into the illusion
Screaming for a beyond
Desperate, never giving in

Bleed for the infinite mercy of god
In the staring faces of those who died
In the faces of dead
Icons of flesh

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