Versuri DAM - Outside

Album: DAM - The Difference Engine

This evil burns me up, consumes me
Swallows me whole
And destroys the light that
Makes everything pure

A weeping echo of hate soon fades
Amongst the crumbling ruins
Of my shattered coherence

Bleeding, slowly churning onwards
Nightmares unbind
The turning threads of life
Demise of an identity
Moulting into obscure, tortuous convolutions

Locking into me
Throughout my chemistry
This wrath just waiting
Eager to devour

My saddened soul is noticing
Decay and carelessness
Ploughing wrinkles into the face
Of humanity
Turning all true will to age
Turning all will to destruction
As we all indulge in one last dance
Towards extinction

Sweet melancholy madness still finds
A tragic beauty to this decaying ensemble
As I reminisce upon the fallen beauty of the past
Its feelings fallen forever
To the starving void of time


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