Versuri DAM - This Has Nothing To Do With Apathy

Album: DAM - The Difference Engine

I call a saviour to fight
And make sense of me
I've run out of reason
The amber flickers

All the years I've only seen this way
Roaring hearts in the fire of what might have been

I am not worthless - this is not
A cry for help
Nor is it a phase
I am going through

It's freezing inside
What am I doing?
Who are you here for?
Why are we dying?
Where were we?

All my life I've had this void to fill
Blended in with the clouds or buried within
Vain attempts to fight the entropy
Gleaming all of the fire of might yet be

It matters not
If it lasts
Only for an instant
As real as we will ever be
Sleep with me