Versuri Danko Jones - Take Me Home

It's gettin lod, I've done this all before,
Hotel to motel, motel means all alone,
I sense a reoccurance, it's happening again,
So let's do it one more time before we go to Hell.

Grab the keys, start the car,
Take me home to where my records are,
Hit the gas, take the open road,
I'm turning on the stereo first thing when I get home

Time's movin on, I haven't slept for days
It's eating me up inside, inside I've slipped away
I know it's getting closer, I feel 'em almost there
Still one more time can't hurt me, but I won't she'd a tear


The time has come, been waitin for so long
It's written on my face, my face is turned to stone
Not askin for your sympathy, I just want out of here
So scratch the day off the month, and say the coast is clear


Grab the keys, start the car
Take me home, to where my records are
Hit the gas, take the open road
I've had enough, now take me home

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