Glenn Danzig impreuna cu agentii sai de securitate au batut un fan - foto

de Cristi Nedelcu

Glenn Danzig impreuna cu agentii sai de securitate au batut un fan - foto

Cel putin asa sustine Neil Dalton, cel care a postat pe pagina sa de facebook imagine de mai jos insotita de un comentariu conform caruia agentii de securitate ai lui Danzig l-au batut, dupa care artistul l-ar fi lovit la randul sau.

In plus, totul pare sa fie sustinut si de un martor care era de asemenea la concert. Mai jos aveti imaginea publicata de Neil Dalton si declaratia unuia dintre martori oferita pentru

Poze Poze pentru articole - Dalton

Declaratie martor: "I went outside just before the encores to wait and meet Glenn. I was sitting on the steps outside Metropolis, when I seen a couple of security guards carrying a guy outside. The guy was Neil Dalton. Danzig’s bodyguard came outside and began threatening Neil. Neil yelled back and was calling the security and bodyguard pussies and made his claim that he spent all that money to see Danzig.

After about ten minutes of arguing with the bodyguard and being pushed around by him, Neil finally took off. [Neil] re-entered the venue after being told not to come back. That’s when things got ugly and sure enough Neil got tossed back out this time bloodied up and shoeless. He kept instigating the security and bodyguards by yelling names at them and not leaving like he was told.

Right after the show ended, Glenn came running out and engaged Neil and threw a kick to Neil’s ribs, and connected. He also swung a couple punches that missed before security got Glenn on his bus. Glenn kept calling Neil a m**********r".

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