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Dark Aevum

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Sepultura  Metallica  Nightwish  AC/DC  Iron Maiden  Truda  Slayer

Dark Aevum started as a project prior to year 2000, a solo project of Mihai Muntean releasing a demo CD by the name of '''''''' Classic Dimensions ''''''''. Starting whit year 2006 Dark Aevum became a full name band by bringhing togheter Mihai, Lex, Bulldog and Jose Morales as drummer. Starting whit 2008 Laur join Dark Aevum as lead singer. Today 2010 we have a EP Flat line Resolution out in 2010, self produced, and curently working on our first LP hopefully out in 2011...all of you can listen to a teaser for that on our songs playlist. RESPECT and ''''''''Let The Metal Flow '''''''' The end of 2010 brings back a bigger Dark Aevum....we are proud to have whit us a new brother Tudor - screaming voice ( ex eyeSeered...). Listen to our track - Recurrent Dream - first we tryit at reharsals whit both vocals. Thanks