Versuri Dark Aevum - From The Other Side

From The Other Side 
( by Dark Aevum )

( clean voice )

Watching My Face  in The Mirror
I Promise to Remember My way Back
See you Calling my Name, but I don’t Hear you
Man I use to know is Stearing Back with Fear

All the Dreams I had
All the Pain I fealth
Is Leading Me back to You
One life that will Never Come True

And what you Feel, is me dieing
And what you hear is me trying
To find My Way back from The Other Side

( Bass )

There’s No other Way for Me
I Close My eyes and I see You there
Not living, Not dieing, waithing
Forever Away and Me keep on Trying

( lead Guitar )

My life has no Meaning
If My Death will Be The End
For Me, for You, For All that We had and it was True

There is One Other Way
To let You Go, to let You Live
To losse my self, to End My Love, 
So that You will Be Free

And Your Life Will Go On
I love you My sweet darling
From The Other Side And ON…and ON

As I Turn in to The Light
A part of Me will stay with You
This is The End of Our Story
All this that I Feel is True

The Light…

The Light Invades My Side Of The Mirror
The Light Invades My Side Of The Mirror…

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