Versuri Dark Aevum - Shrouds of Darkness

Shrouds of Darkness
( by Dark Aevum )

Tragedy…triggers the pain of your brocken mind
Destiny…is all you can find to explain…no use to deny

Listen to the quiet wave that will start the storm
Embrace what you don’t understand and fear…alone

Dark chambers of a lost mind… controlling you
Dark chambers of a lost mind…pushing you
…as far as trying
…as far as denying
…as far as dieing

Darkness playing games with your mind
Pain mackes the light turn to grey…inside

Guitar solo ( Mihai )

All my life I’ve followed the bloodtrail of pain
And I cant deny I’v crowl on my knees under the pooring rain
But in the end that what makes ME would prevail… would prevail
The path that can only lead to darkness
Will be challenge by light, ashes and remains

Guitar solo ( ALex )
Bass solo 

Dark chambers of a lost mind closing windows to my soul
Behind close eyes you hide your lost light 
And pretend you don’t care enymore

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