Versuri Dark Age - Vampyrez

Album: Dark Age - Acedia

Me and you, we are trapped inside a devil's curse
Like fallen angels burning down to withered dust

And it has come that far
The pining tooth has made it worse

"I feel hollowed and sucked empty"

As soon as we think
We are safe from the pathetic mind
They bite to thrill, making we all weak and ill
...and they think it is alright... it's alright

Leave me alone now, I am close to be like you
I lost my will now, please stop this, your soul abuse

This life is mine, this blood is mine
I don't need your loyalty all I need is to be alone

Cold, pale hands that lure
Folded, praying for the sued
The well known stranger
Is soaking all my energy

But I guess I know
The one who's proving fallacy
The caring friend turning out to be a fiend

I am choking from all this blood