Versuri Dark Fortress - Tales From Eternal Dusk

Album: Dark Fortress - Tales From Eternal Dusk

As darkness falls for the last time
I awake from my apparently infinite sleep
A silver full moon glows on this winter night
Waning into oblivion

... and I follow the northern storms
that bring dusk upon the icy landscapes
... and the storms lead me to majestic forests
lakes and mountains I've never seen before

Melancholy within seems eternal
As I walk through the undergrowth
Of these endless woods
But then I see her sleeping under the dark trees
- my beloved nocturnal queen
And the children of the night watch over her
Like the moon watches over the night

As I get closer to her she awakens
From her majestic sleep
As she embraces me again
I feel her magical attraction

Together we walk the path of salvation
And together with the wolves
She sings her sweet serenades
And with these, her majestic serenades

She reaches for my black, bleeding heart
Which only beats for her
She kisses me with her lips of fire
And this kiss covers my heart
With a dismal shade of sadness

And her hair of gold, waving in the wind
Seems to me like the star-covered horizon
Her sweet art is the key to my solitary heart
And together we open the gate to infinity
Into the dusk-impregnated land of dreams,
where our spirits shall rest eternally

I look into her eyes,
knowing that this moment won't
last eternally
... and the sun never rises, for she is
the forgotten flame
engulfing my heart
... and in the black wind her shadow
fades away
into the melancholy of the night
And again my heart is touched
by an endless solitary darkness

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