Versuri Dark Funeral - Dark Are The Path's To Eternity

Album: Dark Funeral - The Secrets Of The Black Arts

In the cold twilight I stand
Watching the rise of the moon
In my deep dreaming eyes
The reflection shines so clear
With the burning eyes of a wolf
The moonscape I behold
I can hear the souls astray
Whisper from the shadows

Oh, beutiful night
Thou art my mistress
Enshrouded in thy mysticism
Forever I will be
Enwrapped in the darkness
I wander across the fields
Of this haunted land in solitude
Enlightened by the moon

I am eternal, a life immoral in darkness
Alone I have wandered in the mysteries eternal

In my dreams
I spread my wings
Oh, the winds are calling
My cursed name
In tranquillity
I fly into eternity
The silence is broken
By my screams

Oh, mysterious night, thou art my silent mistress
Make me once more one with the dark

Like a black raven, I fly across the haunted fields

Runs thick through my veins
In endless shadowed time
I've wandered through the night
Ensnared by the moonlight
I howl upon the dark
Raptured by the winds
That whispers in forbidden tongues

I am eternal, a life immortal in darkness
Alone I have wandered in the mysteries eternal

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