Versuri Dark Iris - Reborn

Album: Dark Iris - Victims Of Circumstance

Pour my own glass,
It's time to say the words we've been waiting to say for so long.
This year has passed us by now. Say cheers and drink the cider down.
It is a new time, let's make it better.
Remedy this with a happiness that will last forever.
After the towers have been broken down and torn
Let's take a second to think about it. It's time to be reborn.
Now I'm driving myself in and out of this depression,
I'm looking back from the stars wondering how it happened.
I feel so free, I feel so free.
Take a look at me and ask me where I am right now.
Should we just face the fact that it's all over now?
Let's end this fight.
Should we just drop the bomb and wish it was over now?
It's a brand new night.
Why can't we find inner peace?
Put the guns down, it's time to set this aside.