Versuri Dark Iris - She Is Poison

Album: Dark Iris - Victims Of Circumstance

Romance is outdated, the heart is
Blackened and tainted by lust and lechery
This young heart beats too slow to love.
She took that away from me.

She is a thief. She is a thief.
She doesn't deserve anything from me.
I wouldn't tell a lie, and god doesn't know why.
He doesn't how can I?

There is no Juliet. Shakespeare is a liar.
She's just a distortion with scarred wrists.
She is just a poison, made to leave me dead.
I will not taste your mouth again.

You're killing me, I cannot see.
You've murdered me, I cannot breathe.
And now my pulse is slowly fading.
And now my heart is barely beating.
And now all these scars are profusely bleeding.
I don't want to die in your arms again.