Versuri Dark Iris - The Winning Loser

Album: Dark Iris - Victims Of Circumstance

I'm the only one left.
Sitting in the corner while everyone gets laid.
I'm so pathetic, and I am such a mess.
My heart is going to explode like a grenade.
And the pain, is only getting harder.
Cause I'm just a loser and you're the abuser.
I'm a freak but at least I can go about it,
Live my life and be happy being me.

Where's my self-esteem? Is it fading away?
I'm just a loser, the abused one,
But that was yesterday. Things are getting brighter.
And looking at the glass half full brightens my soul in a way.

You can't stand to look at me. I'm ugly to you.
You can't stand to talk to me. I just annoying you.
But I'm happy with who I am and you will all see
What joy to this world, I am going to bring.
I just went on, and did what I do.
The world joked at me, and chewed me out
But now it's turned around on you. You will see.
I am gonna be on your mind all the time when I've accomplished everything.

I am the loser.