Versuri Dark Moor - From Hell

Album: Dark Moor - From Hell

(No War!)

Pure dark badness
A black cold sadness
Falling into
Hole of madness dying to
Step into the city
Breaking out from silence
Iron Gods
Pouring flaming violence
Sirens, dont stop crying
Really crying loud
Murder now
Is allowed

Hissing arrows
Soaked in fire
Wrapped in wire.
The souls cry
From hell!!!!
Right from hell!!!

Crazy driven hordes of brothers
Money given to slay others,
Richness striven between smothers
Is paid in blood
Keep on fighting no surrender
Judgement coming no defender,
Just believing the pretender
Evil rising into

A spiral of madness
For all will be sentenced
And this way
Justice will take vengeance
Power does conspire
Against innocence
Wrapped in wire
The souls cry
From hell!
Right from hell!

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