Versuri DARKMOON - Kings Enthroned Upon Ashes

Album: DARKMOON - Vengeance For Withered Hearts

Horizons rise as the warriors crest the hills
Surrounding kingdoms in full insurrection
Flashes of steel begin the battle, rage with in their veins
Charging through the stone castles dodging the guards bolts
Swings of the axe, the princess dies in vain
Sorcerers unravel their scrolls reading the cursed words

Behold the swords of the wicked
We unleash our magical fury

A storm within these walls, eliminates all within
Gaze into the eyes of the fury
Cursed by a single glance, onward to victory
The floors soaked with blood
Feel the winds of the burning spells blowing upon the throne!

Swing the blades of the mighty
Witness the source of the power

Scents of embers set aflame, conquer this throne of the weak
Tomes of this anguish tolerate no laws

Storms of flame bring war!

Ashes float upon the soil; vengeance of those lay dead
Break the lock of the passage that holds their feeble king
Make him yield, before his bloodied people
The new dawn reserved, streak the knife across his neck

See the kingdom fall

The enemy lays slaughtered
Pile them high to burn!

As the king sits upon his bloody throne of blackness
Anger in his eyes, the call within
Cleanses his hands with the blood of the fallen enemy
Raises his hands in victory

For the love of his brothers

Crush the cross that protects this place
Howls of the wind, kings enthroned upon ashes

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