Versuri DARKMOON - Wehrwolfe (Anti-Martyr Brigade 2001)

Album: DARKMOON - .308 Antichrist

Destroyer of faith
War machine, my right hand
Quakes of fear and pain
My left waves plagues of blaring blight
Seething cries of those I've killed
Their blood christens my name
Destroyer of faith
Chaos breeding hellish torment
Interceding realms of peace
Emblazoned standard, seal of might
Inspires dread for all that see
Death machines and marching soldiers
Charging to appease the need
Intervals of cannons pounding
No mercy, no retreat

Thousands die within my wake
Screams of doom exalting me
Hail storms of relentless fire
Blasts of anguish consume the meek
Incinerate his chosen ones
Vanquishing the holy way
Seas of blood, mountains of flesh
No remorse, I am war!

Now - Blitzkrieg is here
Powered - By eternal hate
So - Come on, come unto me

Sound the f*****g air raid!

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