Versuri Darkness - English Country Garden

Album: Darkness - One Way Ticket to Hell And Back

It was a cigarette break and I was des...perate
When I saw her pushing that wheelbarrow
She said have you got a match? and I said yes!

My cock and Farmer Giles prizewinning marrow
Frolicking in the summer fields were we
I fell for you and you grew to like me

I carved "You for me" in the bark of a tree in an English Country Garden
We rolled around, kissing on the ground in an English Country Garden
You succumbed to my charms, fell asleep in my arms in an English Country Garden
Beneath the stars above we fell in love in a English Country Garden

Jardin Jardin Jardin Jardin

They did a quiz at the village fete and we came last
Everybody laughed at the two of us
Never seen a biro pen, move so fast
She was a bonefide f*****g genius
Frolicking in the autumn fields were we
I cherished you and you tolerated me

We mucked about while we were mucking out in an English Country Garden
Took me under your wing when we had our fling in an English Country Garden!
You ruled the roost and gave my heart a boost in an English Country Garden
Just as I got broody you got moody in an English Country Garden'