Versuri Dave Matthews Band - Rapunzel

Album: Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets

Ha, open wide
All so good Ill eat you
Take me for a ride
In your sweet delicious,
Perfect little mouth
There upon I linger
You will have no doubt
Ill do my best for you Ill do
Lets stop to get it going
Lost myself just thinking
bout the two of us
From each other drinking
Begin with the lips
Fingertips and kissing
Turn me inside out
I do my best for you
Up and down we go
From the top you push me
This is such a thrill
Lost in love and dancing
Shake your tamborine
You blow my head open
Of one thing for sure
I do my best for you Ill do
For you I would crawl
Through the darkest dungeon
Climb the castle wall
If your my rapunzel
You let down your hair
Right in through your window
Good they locked the door cuz
Ill do my best for you Ill do
I think the world of you
All of my heart I do
Blood through my veins for you
You alone have all of me
I give my world to you
To you Ill be true
From you my strength is full
To carry your burdens too
Too good to be real
Smell of something cooking
You my soul to steal
Food of love were filling
What youve given me
For it there is no measure
Of one thing I am sure
Ill give my best for you
Hip lock up so tight
You know drive me crazy
Crazy is alright
With you lookin at me
You make me feel high
Every single thing you do to me
Is like Im drunk
Given me given me
The shiver

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