Versuri Dawn Of Tears - Since They're Gone

Album: Dawn Of Tears - Dark Chamber Litanies

Here I am, beside your grave
Crystal moments of the past
Now are dreams I won't forget

Silent places all around
Dawn of tears on crimson snow
I feel lost since they're gone

Why have you gone towards the end?
Left me alone, feel I'm the last man standing

Here I am with empty hands
Growing seas of loneliness
Turn to fog and cold despair

No relieving touch of life
Trees of stone fading with skies
A void of darkness since they're gone

No second chance, no more farewells to say
All the charm has turned to black
Emptiness filling my path to my own end

No more laughter shared
All the words unsaid, undone
No more times to say to you that I stand still alone

Still alone!
Since they're gone!

And I'm crying out your names
Withering flowers, showing that I still care

With your demise, not everything has gone
Nothing dies if the memories go on
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