Versuri Day Of Fire - Lately

Album: Day Of Fire - Losing All

Stealin', down, feelin' I'm burnin today,
Done with everything that I've thrown away,
Waitin' for the sun up, I'm through the gray with my song...

I need you,
I feed you...

(you know) x5

Its time to forget about all the things you've been thinkin' about lately;
Lately, it's been a rollercoaster, those doubts and reasons why;
It's time to forget about all the lies that are makin' your heart angry;
Angry, and all the ones that said, you would never ever fly.


Cuttin' through, feel the groove of the day,
Pushin' through the pain 'till it goes away, yeah...
Memories cuttin' like a razorblade,
Pushin through the pain 'till it fades away, yeah...

I bleed you...

(you know) x5


Please take this heart of mine for a ride,
Through the sky...

Please take this heart for a ride,
Through the sky...


Fly... x2

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