Versuri Daysend - Acid Laced Fiasco

Album: Daysend - Within The Eye Of Chaos

A charge for one and more to go.
You'll find that there's no way to know.

A though that you had,
Though they never knew has been lost in time.

And now I'm down so low
Acid laced fiasco.

Help me brother wake me from this.
f*****g disaster, catastrophe.
Gut wrenching, I still feel like choking.

Like all before you it's still the same.
No purpose remains.
I have no sense of reason and it's eating me alive.

These things take time, and all wounds heal.
But you'll die before I will.

And now the f*****g s**t has hit the fan.
I'm afraid of going back down.

And now I've come to take your place
This war that's here will be the end of you.

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