Versuri DEAD AND DIVINE - You Are Cordially Invited

Album: DEAD AND DIVINE - What Really Happened At Lover's Lane

And tonight,
This will mean nothing.
It won't matter for we were never prepared for what life had planned for us.
We were so innocent,
We never expected this.
For you and I are passed our dancing days,
Our sinful eyes decorate the sky with flames.
This will end soon.
Just hold on tight,
It will be alright.
So dance your f*****g heart out.
So we'll lock the doors,
And I'll put on the radio,
It still won't drown their screams.
The people and places we once loved are all dead.
Maybe if we pray,
We'll make it through this night with a kiss from a righteous angel that fell from the sky.
Look your last.
Take your last embrace of me.
It will be hard to sleep tonight.
This will end.
This will all end.