Stacys Song Chords - Dead Meadow

Dead Meadow - Stacy's Song
Tabbed by: B Mac

Capo 3rd fret

A        E        G               D     A E G D
Come on home it's as it's always been
A         E           G             D     A E G D
Don't you know you're bound to be let in
A      E       G           D                   A E G
You leave no track But he knows where  you've been

F#m                               F#m   E D
All your Summers set inside his eyes
F#m                              F#m    E D
Through his gaze you come to realize
F#m                                   F#m       E G D
Through one thousand lives the moon will rise

Solo: A E G D

repeat through rest of song

2nd verse:
He comes from east and west and north and south
with all the things that you can live without
In the end it's all you care about

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