Versuri Death Angel - Where They Lay

Album: Death Angel - Relentless Retribution

Back to the grind
End of the line
Back to the life I knew
Pain deep inside
Swallow my pride
Still I think I'm losing you

Nearing the end
More than a friend
What the hell can I say
Years left behind
Trapped in my mind
Wishing for another day

Fool proof, no bail, locked inside
(Scaling the rafters)
Tight restraints, my hands they're tied
(Taking the bastards)

Slave to the cause
Breaking the laws
No more common decency
Must be a sign
You're doing fine
So much better without me

Learn from the past
Always the last
Wonder when will my day come
I'll never quit
Won't submit
Hoping that you'll be the one

You may try to break us down
can't you see we're here to stay
Scores of them have tried before
At our feet is where they lay
It's our calling
Scream! Rage! Mauling!
Can't you see we're breaking out
Overloaded, so explosive
Cathartic, vengeful shout

Dreaming of flight
All through the night
What the hell does it mean
Float in a flood
Thrive in the mud
Black sheep anomaly

Rise to the task
Breaking the fast
Feeling for the first time whole
Charging the fight
Light up the night
Forever I will live my goal