Versuri DEATH REALITY - Blasphemous Bleeding

Album: DEATH REALITY - Blasphemous Bleeding

Dare him, Speaks to your mind
Corpses bleed
Unburied and maggots pass

Murders cause for advocation
Bleeding wounds--no crust, no gore

Rampant killing, cranium crushing
Murder, murder

Suffocate the soulless body
Blood flows like lava

Now, it's suffocation
Bleeding time for me
Power is getting colder
Bleeding blasphemy
I was damned for suffer
For crime and rage, for summon the almighty
Go to hell!

Dying for eternity, power for exist
Hatred, fire, blasphemy, I was mentally pissed!

Power grows in hell, in ghost, now it's to be mine.
Now, we reach for mentiall hold
Blasphemy is all it times

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