Versuri DECEASED - The Doll With The Hideous Spirit

Album: DECEASED - Supernatural Addiction

A relic from the sands of time an old and worn antique,
This ugly doll has come to her it holds a great mystique,
Around its neck a guarding chain is said to stop its life,
So with a smile and a laugh she sets the doll aside,

The sun arrives she makes her day and looks up for the doll,
It strikes her odd to find its chain has broke, the creature's gone,
The waiting ghoul lunges out and looks into her eyes,
The ancient spell has come for her and now she's going to die,
Striking, fighting this vicious monster,

Poisoned fumes within her blood its soul as dark as coal,
As evil lurks within the veins of the horrid awful doll,
It lives for death and brutal war to all that find its world,
Attack and kill to the death is all it's ever known,
Striking, fighting this vicious monster,

The spirit of the Zuni tribe lives on in battle lust,
It's here and there and everywhere and all so hideous,

It craves to feed and in frenzied greed a predator of hell,
For instinct tells it kill all man consume the human soul,
The human soul, soul!

She's looking for answers in this world of fright,
She's running in terror to hide from its sight,
Her heart is pounding its teeth as sharp as knives,
It's like a dream she can't believe this thing has come to life,

And she can't escape it as she will surely die,
For it needs her soul to go on and on and carry on its kind,
Now she's the victim of a curse from ancient times,
What once were laughs turned to screams tearing apart...
The night!

Yes it's too late her world enslaved,
And she can't be saved, for she is its prey,

Can you feel the doom? And can you feel the fear?
Imagine it was you!

Striking, fighting this vicious monster,

And now her blood becomes the doll,
He's in her heart as evil grows,
Its spirit writhes she screams in pain,
For it is now born again,
A life of Zuni has been done,
Act complete the beast has won!

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