Versuri Decrepit Birth - Await The Unending

Album: Decrepit Birth - Diminishing Between Worlds 2008

Begin the end of time
Mankind destroyed the earth
My lungs taste the airs of time
Half-lives of the dying world
Return to barren rock
Oceans and seas vaporized

Radiation, uncreation, revelations
The rapture of souls

The kingdoms of man are erased
All life condemned
Under a burning sky
The fabric of dimensions-dissolve/absorb
Ages of dormancy
Earth reclaims dominion
Linear circle of time recreates life
Mankind evolves into new human races
...of war
Recreation of law

God faces its own mortality
The self inflicted disease
Completing the prophecy of death
From the souls condemned with its mind
Images of god
With wills reflecting it's
Selfish and self-righteous
Perpetual torment of perverted thoughts
Endured for more than a millennium
Fearing its death seeking human form
The return of the white Christ
Coinciding with the rebirth of awareness
Enter the eternal era
Of re-awakened comprehension
Begin the age of eternity
Futures are created constant
Memories distort
God relinquishes its reign vengeance
Re-integrate to light
Disembodied souls
The essences of the past earth's life
Released from within its mind
Duration of torment
Witness the mysteries
Beholder of the key
Destroy the arch of time
Evoking the secrets
To the ancient knowledge
Of reincarnation
Though frequencies shudder
In the wake of the histories
Of the futures
Of genesis

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