Versuri Decrepit Birth - Dimensions Intertwine

Album: Decrepit Birth - Diminishing Between Worlds 2008

Incanting oaths of desecration... to condemn
Summoning of the ancient powers... unto me
Invoking of the light creation... to deceive
Emptiness that once contained... nonexistence

I will thee

Essence of form
Evolves malevolence
Of my visions
Of my destiny

Creations of the uncreation

My mind projects
Neuro-electric impulses

Creation of time
Eternal life
Becomes mortal
Elements compress
Manifest within my dream

Parallel lines of unnatural power
Simbient balance of unstable forces
The phenomenon of god is created
Opposing powers come together... contradictions

Fusion of awareness begins
Evolution through deception

Spoken oaths of desecration
Mastering the ancient powers
I am the light of creation... to deceive

Stimulation of life's
Perpetual growth
Behold worlds anew
All turning upon a single axis
Countless worlds fold together
Paralleled within scale

Dimensions within dimensions
Time equals sizes and distances squared
Continual center of all worlds
Where I am the bride to the physical planes
Forever bound through -- the alchemies of will
Imprisoned in the hallucination of
Existence... a concept of my imagination

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