Versuri Decrepit Birth - Thought Beyond Infinity

Album: Decrepit Birth - ...And Time Begins

The void of unexistance, Seeps the lies of humanity
The holy ground, our earth of the physical
as the cross erodes through the vortex of the nothing
I walk amongst the flesh - unknown
I reflect the aura - of the future, through my being.
As the cycle will be stopped and a mirror of humanity will be viewed

Epoch of spiritual consciousness
The circle consumes as life spiritual begins the quest for oneness
Without the sign of god

Destination, all knowledge - our uncreation
to respawn the birth of the next
I am the chosen - Incantate power of my will

Break the cycle of the earth condemned - begin I evolve

the soul of man, and the light of his son is I


Recreated through the astral order
Of the universal comprehension

As we unite without the boundaries of the cross
and we are surrounded by the parallel cycles of life infinity


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