Deep Purple - Anthology 68-80

Anthology 68-80

Aparut in: 2010-04-20

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One More Rainy Day
Kentucky Woman
Wring That Neck
Bird Has Flown' (US B-Side)
Help (French A-Side)
April Part 1
Speed King' (Dutch A-Side, Piano Version)
Black Night'
Living Wreck (German B-Side)
Strange Kind Of Woman
I’m Alone
Demon’s Eye
Never Before
When A Blind Man Cries
Lazy (Japanese B-Side)
Smoke On The Water (Studio, US A-Side Edit)
Smoke On The Water' (Live, US B-Side Edit)
Woman From Tokyo
Black Night (Live, German B-Side)
Might Just Take Your Life
Coronarias Redig
Burn (US/Japan 45 Edit)
Stormbringer' (Italian A-Side)
You Keep On Moving
Love Child
Gettin’ Tighter (US A-Side/Italian B-Side)
Child In Time
Painted Horse
Mistreated (Live Edit)
The Bird Has Flown

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