Versuri Def Leppard - Ring Of Fire

Fun girl, you tempted me, a feast of sparks
in the night is what I need
Ooh I'm a-ready to roar, and I'm a-ready for more
And I'm a-ready to burn like the light into the dawn

Oh I gotta see the fire in me, turning into ecstasy
So stick around and settle down enjoy the mystery
A voice in the wilderness, there's somethin' in the air
A little love won't bring your precious self a secret flame

Fun girl
(Are you ready, ready for fun girl?)
Feels like fire
(Are you ready, ready for fun girl?)
Ring of fire

I left, so indiscreet, you're stealing all of the fire
electric me
I'm staring into the sun, I'm staring into a gun
I'm staring at the sky, turn it out and let it burn

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