Versuri Def Leppard - Tonight

I don't wanna play
The wailting game
And drift away
Leavin' an illusion
I don't wanna hide
It's foolish pride
To close my eyes
A touch away from wanting you

Don't try to look away
When we're face to face
I see your eyes
That animal emotion
You don't have to set
Your tender trap
It's in those eyes
It's gonna happen anyway

(Movin' to the rhythm of your heartbeat)
Yeah, I'm wantin', willin', touchin' you
We'll be
(Movin' to the rhythm of your heartbeat)
Ooh babe
When you get that rhythm
Gonna move into your room

Tonight - Gimme love with no disguise
Tonight - I see the fire in your eyes
Tonight - So right, this night could be dynamite
If it pleases you it pleases me

There's nothing I can say
No mystery
It's in your eyes
Those eyes are where I wanted them
So give me heart'n'soul
I lose control
Can't stop my eyes
From fallin' into fantasy

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