Versuri Def Leppard - You Got Me Runnin'

Hang on
Ha ha ha ha ha
I don't care too much
For your backstabbin' and side steppin'
You're all sweet talk, you're all lust
You're the kind, yeah, I don't trust
I gotta get out, step aside
Before you damage my pride

Let me through don't spoil my view
I gotta get away, away from you
Oh no no never thought I'd feel so low

You got me runnin'
You got me runnin'
I ain't gonna hide

And yesterday everything seemed okay
Yeah you better run and hide away
Oh you better hide

You're out, out on the street
But I'm back on my feet
I might lose it, so get wise
Stop your usin' and your lies
Oh my friend don't stick around
Your time is up, the chips are down

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