Versuri Defeater - Home Aint Never Home

Album: Defeater - Lost Ground

I'm wandering these streets alone
They don't feel like home
This once hallowed ground
Feels like a ghost town now
I'm on the street corners everyday
At night I drink it away.
And this flask that saved my life
Might be the death of me.

And no man in this city
Will take a chance on me
The color of my skin
Is all they see.

I was a hero when I came home
Now no one seems to know
And that medal that I received
Means nothing to me
I keep reading my momma's prayers
I find nothing in there
That makes any sense to me.

Her god
Is no more
Than a thief.

Gonna pack up
Gonna leave town
On a train car
Headed north bound
I'm gonna leave
I'm gonna leave.
With my lost hope
I'm gonna get out
Carry burdens,
Carry my guilt
I'm gonna leave

Carry burdens
My burdens
I watched the good men fall and brave boys die
Hearing soldiers sob in the dead of night
Every poor young soul that dies in vain
Every soldier lost in this country's name
I carry guilt and my shame
No pride and no name
Just burdens
My burdens
My burdens

My guilt and my shame
No pride and no name
Just burdens