Versuri Defiance - Slayground

Album: Defiance - Void Terra Firma

Slayground - meets you !

Born full of innocence, right from day one
Infancy our future, from violence they run
Caused by sickness that diseases this world
Into the open where it must be hurled
You know what I'm saying ?

So what Mr. Morals, if you think there's a cure
It sure won't be helping that raped little girl
She now lives her life through intense mental pain
While you're trying to fix your better-off-dead brain
So what Mr. Morals

Waiting in confinement
You know you'll pay the cost
Now tell me what do you know
Now that their life is lost

Waiting for answers

Slayground - meets you !

So what do you say Mr. Morals ?

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