Versuri Defiance - The Killing Floor

Album: Defiance - Beyond Recognition

[Music: Adams / Harrington / Esquivel]
[Lyrics: Esquivel]

They're mislead by authority
And they're guinea pigs with
With everlasting memories
Frozen thoughts and bloody


Souls left behind
In the killing fields
That leave you blind
In the war of conspiracy
Young men fight for humanity
When they're pawned off to the
killing fields
Smell the stench of misery
[Repeat chorus]

Politicians send them off to war
Deep within the front line
The only man who's taught to
As desperation freezes time

Innocent lives are wrongly put at
Negotiate the fields of blood
Out in the cold they're taught to
Salvation runs in the blood

Off to the fields of blood
Into the fields of blood
Off to the fields of blood
Die in the fields of blood

They're mislead by authority
Soldiers die with dignity
Survivors live with memories
Broken thoughts and broken

[Repeat chorus]

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