Versuri Deftones - Lotion

i meant to come back to put out bliss
but the style is crumbling, covered canned
it was sick and no you dont even know how it comes
shifts then gets ruined by you f*****g slobs

but it's classical anyways

i can't help it makes me so sick over and over
it sits stiff bound with no heart
fine cause this is where the seperation starts arising
i can see it coming over your cloud

and it's classical anyways
and how cool are you i remember

just a bad call, it's so funny how you think
im so serious but that's not it
the thing is i dont give enough to give a f**k
you're plain boring and you bore me asleep

but it's classical anyways
how cool are you i remember

and i feel sickened
and who the f**k are you anyway you suck
it's making sick sense
seeing how you're sticking out hardly and hoping money
please arise up off the f*****g knees
and hop off the train for a second
and try to find your own f*****g heart

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