Versuri Deicide - Blame It On God

Album: Deicide - Serpents Of The Light

God is the reason we live in dismay
It is his will that this world's suffering
If we do not believe what you foretell
We can expect afterlife will be hell

You are the one who killed his own son
We are the ones you're blaming it on
Lust was created beginning with hymn
When we indulge we are guilty of sin
Torture our lives with confusion and lies
Mass contradiction, religious facades

BLAME IT ON GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIAR

[Lead: Eric]

Lord of salvation keep looking away
It is your will that this world goes astray
Take us each day from this place you unworthed
Unfulfilled promise of heaven on earth

You are the one who killed your own son
We are the ones your hatred is on
Children are dying and this you're content
Where is your profit in what you have left
No intervention from angels above
god is the reason that Satan lives on

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