Versuri Deicide - Blaspherereion

Album: Deicide - Deicide

Bleeding death, undead, broke the seal Suhrim
Desecrate, evil ghost Thoth freed him
Mass destruction, ended lives, blasphemation, you will die

Darkest one, bleeding death, from beyond
Death be done, no regression, unforbidden
You will die - it's been written


Vicious wrath Adar, tortured past rendered
Odious evil, elder death, feast us
God's construction, holy doom
Don't believe, you're consumed

[Pre-chorus / Chorus]

Lord chaos, death, save us
Kill human kind, life was denied
Lord black death, Thoth, confess
Send to desecrate, lord blasphemate

[Lead - Eric]

[Pre-chorus / Chorus]

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