Versuri DEINONYCHUS - A Throne On My Long - Awaited Desires

Album: DEINONYCHUS - When The Rain Falls... An Empty Sky Remains

[Music and lyrics by Marco Kehren/Deinonychus]

The search for so many centuries has become
A throne on my long awaited desires, that made
me strong
Through the years of suffering I became one of
the black
All those who tried to stop me never came back
The souls of defenceless beauties, the ones
who pleaded
I carved their flesh, drank their blood, I am

A throne on my long awaited desires

The flame I held high, heaven's cry!

Now the time has come to reveal
The real God, the real prophet
In my darkest time
God prepare to meet me: to the death
After the glorious battle of unholiness
The throne was mine
I look to the angels, the unblessed
As I crowned myself
I held up high the blaze of eternal doom
Looking into the eyes of the dyig angel
I said I am God!!!

A throne on my long awaited desires

Forever I will rule...

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