Versuri DELIVERANCE - Lindsey

Album: DELIVERANCE - Camelot In Smithereens

Lying on the floor /
She could't sleep again
Staring at the ceiling /
Trying to forget the pain

The love she found was so short lived
What she needed /
They couldn't give
Love they said "mask's" a multitude of sin
But in their eyes /
She couldn't win

Lindsey recalls the questions fine
But in her eyes /
She cannot lie
Accusating fingers stand in line
But in her heart she begs the question why?

Sweet is the sound of grace
But her eyes were blinded /
When she looked into his face
Passion played into her heart
Colliding with mercy /
He played the part
And now he's gone /
Only left his seed
On looking for more to feed his greed
Alone & lonely she sighs /
Compromised her vows
Right under their eyes

The stares begin /
She's called their bluff
Arms once wide /
Are now folded up
The "whore's" cast out /
She caused the ?pure? to fall
They might have left her /
But she still hears the call

Lindsey recalls the questions fine
But looking back /
She cannot lie
When the longest hour had arrived
No one was there to hear her cry...

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