Versuri DEMIRICOUS - Matador


Passion - the longing of a burning man - domination cannot be contained.
Bleeding from the horns of the bull - callous as his history - anchorless.
Severed from surrender - revolting martyr - the contender to the tentacles of filth.
Oblivious to mercy - chasing down behemoth.
Matador - Ride the knife through the flesh.
Matador - Lungs of the war.
Badge the worm - Bomb the Gods - Sleep with the lions.
Matador - Lungs of the war.
Manifest effects of the dawn destiny delivered through the chest.
Lionheart obsession like a mouthful of fire - a well fed mass abortion.
Those who die will be the lucky ones - aftermath eternally perverted.
Forever prosthetic - ill stabled for life - forced into extinction.

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