Versuri DEMONSTEALER - Seething Pain That Leaves No Scars

Album: DEMONSTEALER - ...And Chaos Will Reign... (2008)

Not a trace remains of the everlasting pain,
But from time immemorial I have felt it.

The seething pain that leaves no scars.
Will tear me down to a bitter end

Close your eyes and fall into the deepest winter slumber
Time shall pass while the world is torn asunder
While you sleep.

This is mine to keep
This is what I believe
This is everything
That ever was and will be.

And the fear remains of the passing illusions
And I do believe I will find my salvation.

Time has passed, the tears are cried.
The world has turned and passed me by
Nothings changed and never will be.
We were too blind to ever see.
That I've fallen to far below.
Will I return? I do not know.

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